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Sister Number Two

I’m think I am going to write about the heroes in my life.

See this little lady – she’s my sister number two.  If you don’t already know, I am the youngest of six and Mary (pictured) is number three in the lineup.  She is right in the middle with number four (about him another time).  She is the smallest of all six of us and probably the quietest (yes, there are some quiet members of our rowdy crowd) but most definitely the strongest. She is the strongest in character, faithfulness, and love of God and family.  When we were kids, she was like a little mother hen.  That was sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Because my mother worked outside the home, someone had to keep us inline and she did it.  She would try to get and keep the house clean, so she would lock us out so we wouldn’t mess it up.  I really don’t blame her because we didn’t appreciate the work she did.  Also, my one experience of having my mouth washed out with soap was by her, and believe me, I needed it.  She taught me not to use inappropriate words with that one action.  As our parents grew older, she was often the primary caregiver for them.  By the way, she is also a registered nurse.  I was always so proud of the fact that I had a sister as a nurse.  She is going to hate that I have posted her picture and written about her but she deserves to be celebrated.  Love you, Mary!