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Happy Birthday to Another Hero!

This is11221469_10206305121500328_4434916742749966084_n my oldest big brother (yes, I have three brothers – watch out men, they are VERY protective:) and today is his 68th birthday.  This wonderful man has been one of my biggest supporters and fan.  He is the busiest retired person I know!  He is a volunteer at the hospital, past president of the Lions Club in Moody, and now has taken on the HOA (crazy, right but somebody has to do it).  He also has a big social life – loves to dance and loves his Lord.  The only negative thing I could ever say about him is, they tell me that when our Mom told the five of my older siblings that she was expecting, he said it better not be a girl because he would throw it off the porch.  Well, it’s been 58 years now and he’s not thrown me off the porch yet!  In fact, they tell me he was the one who would love to rock me to sleep!

Thank you for being my brother, David, and Happy Birthday!